A Circle of donors is a model of financing created to provide continuous support to Drop in shelter service and other programs of Centre for youth integration trough donations by companies and individuals.


Individuals who decide to donate monthly 550,00 RSD will become our Donors and members of Circle of donors. The amount of 550,00 RSD is necessary for the accommodation of one child per day at Drop in Shelter.


Companies can become part of Circle of donors, if they choose to do one of the following within one year period:

  • To donate a certain amount of their products and there by satisfy a part of the needs of Drop in shelter for materials/resources per every month.
  • To donate a minimal amount of 10.000,00 RSD for the needs of a direct professional work in the Drop in Shelter, every month.

Become a part of donors circle

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Dedicated account for donations

    205-201979-13 Komercijalna banka
    Centar za integraciju mladih, Sajkaska 27-40, 11000 Belgrade

    Payment purpose:

    Za odrzivost Svratišta

    You can use this email address to donate via PayPal. Thank you.