The Center for Youth Integration is opening a job vacancy for the position of Social Worker in the Drop In Shelter Program

CENTER FOR YOUTH INTEGRATION is a unique non-profit organization that provides services and support to children and youth who live and work on the streets of Belgrade and to children and youth who are at risk of being involved in life and work on the streets. Drop in Shelter is a licensed service, recognized by the Law on Social Protection, which aims to improve the quality of life of children who live or work on the street. Beneficiaries of Drop in Shelter are children between the ages of 5 and 15 who, due to their lifestyle, are exposed to multiple risks.

Position: Social worker/worker at Drop in Shelter

Job description:

  • Performs assessment during admission
  • Assesses the needs, strengths, risks, abilities and interests of the beneficiaries and other persons important to the beneficiaries
  • Determines the level of support for the beneficiaries, considering the overall individual functioning and the types of assistance needed
  • Determines the socioeconomic and family status of the beneficiaries and the interactions of relationships in the family;
  • Creates an individual plan of services
  • Provides professional assistance to the beneficiaries in exercising their rights
  • Organizes or helps in the realization of activities
  • Performs advisory work with the beneficiary families
  • Manages professional documentation in accordance with the needs of the Drop In Shelter service
  • Monitors the social status of the beneficiaries and their families
  • Performs outreach activities as needed

Performs other duties and undertakes obligations in accordance with additional instructions of the manager of the Drop in Shelter service.

Required Qualifications:

• Higher education in the field of social work or defectology

• Previous experience for a minimum of 2 years

• Having a license – desirable

• Ability to react quickly and efficiently in crisis situations

• Computer skills (MS Office)

• Category B driver’s license – preferred

• Active knowledge of the English language

The engagement involves a paid trial period of 3 months and after that the potential conclusion of an employment contract. If you are interested, you can send your resume and motivational letter to the e-mail address:

Deadline: 12th of June, 2023

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