 Location: Serbia
 Position: Consultancy
 Period: April – December 2022
 Duration: approx. 10 working days
 Deadline to apply: April 24th 2022

About Terre des hommes

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organization for children’s aid. In 2019, our health, child protection and emergency programmes have supported over four million children and members of their communities around the world through innovative and sustainable solutions.

In Europe, Tdh helps children who are affected by migration, who come in contact with the law as a victim, witness or offender, and who need general protection including from the risk of abuse, trafficking or exploitation. In 2020, more than 39,600 children and 6,570 parents benefited from Tdh`s support and over 20,700 child protection professionals were trained in Europe. Our key activities include, among many others:
• supporting countries in developing and strengthening comprehensive and well- coordinated child protection systems;
• building the capacities of professionals working for children;
• mobilizing communities and educating families to create safe and nurturing environments for children and youth
• empowering and increasing the resilience of children through mental health and psycho-social support and self-led art initiatives.

Introduction to the project

Terre des hommes Hungary, together with Terre des hommes Romania, Brave Phone from Croatia, CYI from Serbia, SAPI from Bulgaria launched a two-year EU-funded project entitled “REVIS: Responding to peer violence among children in schools and adjacent settings”. Started in January 2021, the project is implemented in four countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Serbia with the aim to:
• prevent, combat, and respond to peer violence among children in schools by transforming social and gender norms and behaviors.
• create space for children to challenge social and gender norms that lead to peer violence and to become change makers able to develop sustainable solutions that address violence.

The project design is based on a regional qualitative and participatory research conducted in 2020 by the Terre des hommes Foundation and its partners in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, and Serbia. The research has explored how deeply rooted social and gender norms lead to different types of violence against children in schools and how this violence manifests. Building on the findings and recommendations of this regional research, the REVIS project developed a tailored training curriculum focused on promoting positive norms and challenging harmful behaviors.
The project engaged ten schools in each four countries and trained a total of 8 trainers of trainers (two per country) and 80 facilitators (20 per country) from the targeted schools based on the tailored curriculum.
School facilitators are conducting participatory activities with children and young people (around 400 in each country) and with other school teachers and professionals to prevent, combat and respond to peer-to-peer violence in and around schools and other educational settings (like afterschool) as well as to empower children to address the problem through their own solutions.

Objectives of the consultancy

Within the Work Package 3 – Participatory activities with children + child-led prototypes – with the full participation and leadership of children, opportunities will be mapped on how to intervene in cases of peer violence and how to challenge barriers of bystander inaction.

A participatory action research and a design thinking process will be conducted with children and that will lead to the elaboration of youth led prototypes. Grants will be provided to the winning prototypes which will be selected based on contests organized by partners in each of the countries of implementation.
The winning youth team(s) will “build” their prototypes, or rather develop a test out of their idea.
In order to develop this participatory action research and design thinking process, and support the elaboration of youth led prototypes, Center for Youth Integration is looking for a consultant.
Scope of Service:

The main responsibilities of the consultant are:

• Adapt and develop a participatory action research and a design thinking model – a solution based-approach, child-friendly and participatory, as to help children and young people (CYP) to develop their child-led innovative solutions and test their prototypes (based on current available methodologies);
• Design and deliver suitable child friendly and creative activities and exercises for each phase of the design thinking process;
• Based on the model, conduct at least 2 participatory action workshops with children and facilitators to identify opportunities to intervene in cases of peer violence and challenge barriers of bystander inaction: one workshop on the methodology (steps to take) and research tools to implement and one workshop focused on ideation and design of solutions;
• Provide methodological and technical guidance to the facilitators enabling them to implement activities in the frame of the Participatory action research-Ideation-Prototype creation process with children in their schools;
• Provides technical guidance to the whole team during the project implementation whenever is needed over the period of May- December 2022 and empower children in developing their own solutions to preventing, combating, and responding to peer violence as needed.

Thus, the consultant will:
o empathize and understand the views of the youth and support their process of deepening the knowledge related to peer violence among children and gender-based norms.
o guide youth to define the needs and the problems identified by them
o supports CYP ideate and brainstorm for innovative solutions and to select the best ones
o gave technical support on how to prototype and build real representations of the best ideas chosen, following the proper steps and structure.
o help CYP to test their prototypes and/or to implement their solutions.

Profile of the consultant:

• Proven knowledge of child protection, violence against children with a focus on peer violence among children, best practices in ensuring child participation, and child participatory techniques;
• Comprehensive understanding of the role of social and gender norms in leading to violence against children, particularly peer-to-peer violence among children.
• Expertise in adapting and developing participatory action research methodologies and design thinking models that will fit to the specific objectives of REVIS project
• Good knowledge of the YouCreate toolkit, Plan Z and/ or other participatory and child-friendly methodologies
• Sound knowledge of research methodologies
• Proficiency in English both in writing and orally.

To apply:

Those interested are invited to submit the following documents in English to office@cim.org.rs by 24th of April 2022:
• Updated CV(s) of the assigned person(s), with references to similar experiences
• Cover letter
• Technical offer including the core concept, work plan, timeline of the activity (max. 5 pages)
• Price offer: the daily fee, indicating costs in EUR. VAT should also be indicated if applicable, separately.

Please include “REVIS, Call for Consultant, your name and surname” in the subject line of the application email.

Please note that only the selected candidates will be contacted. Any application received after the deadline will not be considered.

Co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014-2020)