14th of July was another Lemonade Day for Drop in Shelter. This is the fourth year that we have organized this fundraising event that brings together cafes, bars, restaurants and the community. The idea of the event is that every bar and cafe donate it’s income collected from selling lemonade on that day to Drop in Shelter.Traditionally, the income from the Lemonade Day is used for providing school materials and preparing for new school year. This year we had over 90 places in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Pancevo where everyone could have a lemonade for Drop in shalter and we have collected 381.934,00 dinars. Therefore, 252 school children from Drop in Shelters have started new school year ready.

Lemonade Day has been promoted through media and social networks which increased the visibility of the event itself but also of the problems that street involved children are facing.

We would like to say thank you to all of you who helped us to have another successful event and special thanks to VIS Limunada band since their song covers our promotional video.