On May 11th Drop in Shelter for street involved children marked a decade of work. In a beautiful space of Hotel Allure Caramel we have hosted our donors, partners, colleagues and friends of Drop in Shelter. Guests enjoyed the program and performance of the Drop in Shelter’s choir, photo exhibition of our work since 2007, as well as short movie that has reminded us all why the Drop in Shelter is important for children, their families and the City of Belgrade.
Since 2007, when Drop in Shelter has been established, support has been provided for 1024 children and youth. Thanks to Drop in Shelter, instead of spending time on the street-over 1 million hours these children spent in warm, playing, learning and socializing, with provided hot meals. During last decade in Drop in Shelter more than 300.000 hot meals has been served, we had around 100.000 baths, held more than 9.000 creative and educational workshops. During first years of work more than a half of our beneficiaries were legally invisible and today 94% of them have personal documents. More than 85% of children are going to school.
Despite the fact that Drop in Shelter as service is recognized by Law of social welfare this service is not included in budget of City of Belgrade. We have funds provided until the end of this year and Center for youth integration hopes that the importance of the sustainability of the service will be recognized.