The extremely bad situation for the children who live or work on the streets (children in street situation) is further endangered due to the pandemic and the measures established due to the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Children, as well as the people living in informal settlements, are not a priority for the state institutions and are mostly neglected.

In accordance with the recommendations, security and safety measures, all activities of the Center for Youth Integration have been adjusted to the current situation and the support we are providing to our beneficiaries has not been lacking.

During the state of emergency, we were in constant contact with all of our beneficiaries in order to provide them with support, that is adequate in relation to the security and safety measures, for them as well as for their families.

We are taking this opportunity to emphasize that most of our beneficiaries, precisely because of the situation in which they find themselves and the social exclusion they face, often have no access to health care institutions, which puts them in an even more difficult situation during the COVID 19 pandemic.

One of the main goals of contacting our beneficiaries was in order to collect information on the necessary assistance, which we distributed to the settlements as soon as possible in accordance with all security and safety measures.

We are proud of the fact that the Center for Youth Integration, with the help of our donors, provided and distributed over 1100 aid packages in 28 informal settlements on the territory of Belgrade, as well as school materials for all of our beneficiaries.

During these activities we got a lot of help from our donors and partners: UNOPS, Roma Education Fund, Save the Children International, The Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, OSCE Mission to Serbia and LDS Charities Serbia.

Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation varies from day to day, and it seems that we will face a number of challenges in the upcoming period. This is an additional problem for our beneficiaries, among other existential problems they face daily. The Center for Youth Integration continues to support them as before.

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